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Pietro Corcione born in Pistoia in 1968. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence where he graduated in 2000 with a thesis on designing the new « Centro Polifunzionale, ex Conceria Moschini » in Pescia (PT).

Since 2000, he operates in the design with works of different nature and scale. In 2001 opens with the architect Alessandro Tinucci the study called Corcione Tinucci Architects decided to focus its efforts in the project research and architectural experimentation deepening techniques and innovative materials gaining experience both in the field of architecture, interior design and industrial design.


Alessandro Adriano Tinucci was born in Milan on March 12th 1970. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence in 2001. In the same year he founded together with Corcione the homonym studio. From 2005 to 2009 he has been teaching as a teaching assistant for Allestimento and Laboratorio di Portfolio, at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence.

He personally participated in competitions such as the International Design Competition “Umberto Borgna 2000” alabaster Volterra, the project: Table lamp TURAN, marked with the exhibition and publication of the ARCA 152.

In 2001 he published the book on his thesis entitled "New Urban Places" Expo Centre Montecatini Terme, Alinea Editrice in collaboration with Luca Restaneo and has some quotes and interviews in books of Montecatini Terme in 2006.


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