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Aurora Luce Srl was founded with the aim to produce and market quality products. The experience in the lighting industry allows us to offer a variety of projected internally products to illuminate with elegance private and professional environments. Our points of strength are the creativeness and the professionalism, in partnership to a team of people turned to the continuous search of innovative solutions, with the constant search of the best materials, of the best superficial finishes of our products, all to ensure that production is strictly quality and innovation, 100% MADE iN ITALY. We have an objective: to satisfy our customers guaranteeing reliable products.

The light is a source of energy that makes you see the shapes, the colors and all the features of your surroundings

Our consolidated experience over time allows us to offer a variety of products internally designed and manufactured. In our range you will find innovative products, in tune with market needs. Our products are made with Italian raw materials of high quality standard. For us it’s important the study of technological innovations to use to improve their products, create new ones and improve steel production processes. Aurora Luce offers to its clients and discerning designers, a chance to experience the creations of light environments thanks to a technical staff composed of highly qualified professionals. We are able to offer, check and show through software techniques refined rational management of light in the environment, assisting and proposing systematic and effective lighting solutions, in keeping with the technical design and the project purpose.








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The most advanced technology, through specialized software and continuous testing laboratories, provide advanced and reliable products. Each individual LED is tested to guaranty performance and rigorous tests during the assembly. Costant respect of the criteria of dissipation of operating temperatures, basic features to ensure the optimal duration of the LED.


Aurora Luce has an inside office of Lighting Design composed by professionals with experience and expertise in lighting projects, architectural and design, constantly updated. Our designers will take care of all phases of the lighting project, from concept to the normative verification, and they will follow you along the iter of realization, from the ideation of the type of illumination to your maximum satisfaction.

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It manufactures custom lighting projects, with creations designed specifically based on the customer's requirements. Our professionals will offer their full support to create real tailor bright environments, thanks to the use of lighting controls, 3D rendering, and the latest generation of software that will allow you to view the result preview.


Our professionals before starting the design phase, held an interview with the client to understand the specific needs and demands, after that they effect a complete inspection to surveys and verifications. The on-site inspections are fundamental to try to satisfy the maximum demands of the customer and to develop a lighting study in perfect harmony with the furniture and the structure that will contain.


The final application doesn't conclude the relationship with our clients. To safeguard the efficiency and the performances of the system of illumination from us planned, offers our services of technical support and maintenance.

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Our company provides its clients relamping LED interventions at low cost, or to replace the old lighting system with a modern quality solution: through the use of LED products with high efficiency. The relamping LED has many advantages: energy savings of more than 50%, reliability and long life, no UV-IR emission, absence of maintenance costs, lower CO2 emissions.

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